University Translators Custom Email Table

Name {field_id=”7″} Company/Organization {field_id=”8″} Phone {field_id=”9″} Fax&nbsp{field_id=”10″}
Email {field_id=”11″} Submission Date( Today’s Date ) {field_id=”6″} Date/Time( of service ) {field_id=”12″} EMPTY
Select Day {field_id=”16″} Start Time {field_id=”35″} End Time {field_id=”35″} EMPTY
Language and Country of Origin: {field_id=”17″} Name of Limited English Proficient (LEP) Person(s) and their Title(s): {field_id=”18″} Subject Matter/Charge if Legal: {field_id=”19″} Type of Meeting/Hearing: {field_id=”20″}
Case Number:(if applicable) {field_id=”21″} Other Participants Names/Titles: {field_id=”22″} File Upload {field_id=”23″}  
Company/Organization Name: {field_id=”25″} Address {field_id=”24″} Phone {field_id=”26″} Fax {field_id=”27″}
On-site Contact Person/Telephone: {field_id=”28″} Billing Organization Name: {field_id=”29″} Billing Address: {field_id=”30″} Billing Attention: {field_id=”31″}
Billing Phone: {field_id=”32″} Billing Email: {field_id=”33″}    

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